A brand new dating experience on mobile

3 minutes is a mobile dating application
offering a new approach around the concept of Speed Dating
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Forget what you know about dating apps'

The countdown begins, it's up to you to play ...

to search for you happiness
Just answer a few questions so that our algorithm determines your profile .

We will propose people around you who share the same affinities.
to catch a Ding!
A Ding! is a notification that someone wants to get in touch with you.

But beware, if you do not answer within 3 minutes, you pass by !
to charm
Discover your complete profiles and start to charm by video chat or text chat (you have the choice) for 3 minutes watch-in-hand!

Decide together to continue the discussion, or to stop there ...

3 minutes will be available early 2020.

1 year PREMIUM subscription offered(1)
by pre-registering now !

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(1) : PREMIUM subscription (equivalent to approximately 12O €, - incl. VAT - for 1 year) offered during the release of the official 3 minutes application. Offer limited to the first 5000 registrations. - see conditions